Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A New Place To Call Home

Lately I've been feeling a little lost and lonely without my usual hang out to go and looking out for new content I went over to my friend Evie's blog (ES3B) and found a note about her new home, well naturally I had to go and check this out as I love all of Evie's content and need my fix of her lovely CC and what I found was a brand new sparkley forum called The Cupcake Factory aka's wonderful and a place I'm so glad to call home! It's definitely worth checking out so here's the link  go check it out asap..the members list is growing everyday so why not become a part of what promises to be a wonderful sims 3 forum!


  1. Another wonderful forum indicated by Q \o/

  2. Thanks Juliana! All credit should go to Evie though for creating such a wonderful place