Friday, 29 April 2011

Some New Edits

Just a quick post to show you guys what I've been working are some photo edits (originally the sim was bald for the indian one and on a white background, for the diamond one she had hair and so did the playboy one....I added all the extra stuff myself) this editing seemed like such a long process especially the Indian girl which took me over 5 hours to finish....anyway here are the piccies

PICTURE ONE = the background was added, the jewellery was added and the skin lightened and smoothed and eyelashes were added and brows tamed.

PICTURE TWO = the background was drawn on, the jewellery was added, the petals were added, the sari veil and hair were drawn on, the skin was smoothed and light make-up was added and brows tamed.

PICTURE THREE = the background was added, the clothes altered, the jewellery added and the bunny ears and collar were drawn on


  1. Awesome work Q~Ball !! :) Love them edits ! <3

  2. Thanks Eva and big thanks for all the lovely comments