Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dax Griffin A New Kind Of Dark....

Well it was inevitable that I would go back to my dark and broody boys and my newest sim is definitely no exception! Meet Mr Dax Griffin tall, dark and broody this boy has what it takes to melt hearts all over the place. Dax is also one of my competition sims so you guys will see pictures of him around the TS3 Forums and here on my competition tab at the top of the site! Anyway without further ado here's Dax's details....


Genetics: Skintone ~ Mandarin by M Calero
                Goatee ~ Chinstrap default replacement by KittyKlan
                Blusher ~ Face define and Contour by Arisuka
                Eyeshadow ~ Eyebags by Arisuka
                Lipgloss ~ Signature Matte Lipstick by Shyne
               Eyes ~ Oh my eyes as contacts by Escand
                Hair ~ TSM converted hair med. right part by Anubis
Apparel: Everyday top ~ Balmain Jersey sweater by All About Style
               Everyday and Formal pants are Late Night EP
               Everyday and Athletic shoes are basegame
               Formal shoes are Late Night EP
               Formal top ~ Denim shirt by DarkoSIMS
              PJ top ~ V neck t-shirt by AngelD
               Pj pants ~ Medium Junk boxers by KittyKlan
               Athletic top, Swimwear and earrings are basegame
              Athletic pants ~ tracksuit bottoms (last item on page) by Lilisims
Sliders: Ahmads Facial Sliders
             Jonha's 10 body sliders

You can download Dax here (place him in your saved sim folder): Saved Sim File

An now for the mahoosive pic spam.....

Well that's Dax I hope you like him and thanks for stopping bye x


  1. OOOOO Sis he's sooo brooding and totally gorgeous ;) another fantastic creation from you ... love this sim Sis.
    Mahoosive Hugs Jacq xxxx

  2. Lovely new simmeh Q !! I love his facial features !! Another awesome simmeh by you, Q~Ball !! :D

  3. Thanks Jacq hun I'm glad you like Dax

  4. Thankies Eva hun I'm so glad you like him!!!