Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nate Anderson welcome to forever.....

Boys and girls, ladies and gents today I bring to you Connor Anderson's younger brother Nate. The opposite of his brother in every way Nate is tall dark and handsome and definitely a ladies man. I tried to keep Connor's gorgeous bone structure but still make Nate different and I think I've achieved that don't you? Well here for your pleasure is Mr Nathaniel Anderson


GENETICS - Skintone ~ Tummyza's hairy non default
                      Hair ~ EA Store All Banged Up
                      Eyes ~ Shyne's shiny eyeballs as contacts
                     Blush ~ Arisuka's Face contour / defining blush
                      Eyeshadow ~ Arisuka's eyebags
                     Lipstick ~ Shyne's My signature matte lipstick
                      Beard ~ KittyKlan's default stubble replacement
APPAREL - Everyday top ~ IN3S's Modified LN Top
                     Everyday pants ~ Arisuka's Big Empty jeans
                     Everyday and Formal shoes are Late Night EP
                     Formal top ~ Late Night EP
                     Formal Pants ~ Arisuka's Big Empty Jeans
                     Sleepwear ~ Evie's boxer briefs small mesh
                     Athletic top ~ JulianaFraga29's Adidas No1
                     Athletic pants and shoes are basegame
                     Swimwear ~ JulianaFraga29's Summer stripe shorts
                    Necklace ~ My Blue Book's Military Tags (set no.5)
                     Ring ~ PeggyZone's banded ring (free)
SLIDERS - Ahmads Facial Sliders
                    Jonha's 10 Body Sliders
                           SAVED SIM FILE



  1. Hun Nate is yummy and a Hawtee and you have created one smexy simmie boy! thank you sooo much for this. Your simmies are awesome hun keep them comin.

  2. Thankies I'm glad you like Nate and expect to see piccies of his royal yumminess lol

  3. He's some hawtie Q~Ball !! Me loves him !! <3

  4. Yay Eva loves Nate...I'm so happy you like him