Friday, 29 April 2011

Some New Edits

Just a quick post to show you guys what I've been working are some photo edits (originally the sim was bald for the indian one and on a white background, for the diamond one she had hair and so did the playboy one....I added all the extra stuff myself) this editing seemed like such a long process especially the Indian girl which took me over 5 hours to finish....anyway here are the piccies

PICTURE ONE = the background was added, the jewellery was added and the skin lightened and smoothed and eyelashes were added and brows tamed.

PICTURE TWO = the background was drawn on, the jewellery was added, the petals were added, the sari veil and hair were drawn on, the skin was smoothed and light make-up was added and brows tamed.

PICTURE THREE = the background was added, the clothes altered, the jewellery added and the bunny ears and collar were drawn on

Thursday, 28 April 2011

New WIP Previews

Ok so I have made some new simmehs and have decided to share their preview piccies with you guys so I hope you like them x





Some Couples Shots

And my final try (which I'm happy with) Mr Stefan Salvatore

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Pucca Posters

Two uploads in one day...I know I know but I thought since I hadn't uploaded any paintings in a while it was about time I did so. These posters are of the Puccs characters and are ideal for any childrens bedrooms or for those sims that just adore cuteness...this is part one of two and is a set of one single and three couple's some preview piccies...

You can download the paintings here: Pucca Poster Set Part One

Nate Anderson welcome to forever.....

Boys and girls, ladies and gents today I bring to you Connor Anderson's younger brother Nate. The opposite of his brother in every way Nate is tall dark and handsome and definitely a ladies man. I tried to keep Connor's gorgeous bone structure but still make Nate different and I think I've achieved that don't you? Well here for your pleasure is Mr Nathaniel Anderson


GENETICS - Skintone ~ Tummyza's hairy non default
                      Hair ~ EA Store All Banged Up
                      Eyes ~ Shyne's shiny eyeballs as contacts
                     Blush ~ Arisuka's Face contour / defining blush
                      Eyeshadow ~ Arisuka's eyebags
                     Lipstick ~ Shyne's My signature matte lipstick
                      Beard ~ KittyKlan's default stubble replacement
APPAREL - Everyday top ~ IN3S's Modified LN Top
                     Everyday pants ~ Arisuka's Big Empty jeans
                     Everyday and Formal shoes are Late Night EP
                     Formal top ~ Late Night EP
                     Formal Pants ~ Arisuka's Big Empty Jeans
                     Sleepwear ~ Evie's boxer briefs small mesh
                     Athletic top ~ JulianaFraga29's Adidas No1
                     Athletic pants and shoes are basegame
                     Swimwear ~ JulianaFraga29's Summer stripe shorts
                    Necklace ~ My Blue Book's Military Tags (set no.5)
                     Ring ~ PeggyZone's banded ring (free)
SLIDERS - Ahmads Facial Sliders
                    Jonha's 10 Body Sliders
                           SAVED SIM FILE


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dax Griffin A New Kind Of Dark....

Well it was inevitable that I would go back to my dark and broody boys and my newest sim is definitely no exception! Meet Mr Dax Griffin tall, dark and broody this boy has what it takes to melt hearts all over the place. Dax is also one of my competition sims so you guys will see pictures of him around the TS3 Forums and here on my competition tab at the top of the site! Anyway without further ado here's Dax's details....


Genetics: Skintone ~ Mandarin by M Calero
                Goatee ~ Chinstrap default replacement by KittyKlan
                Blusher ~ Face define and Contour by Arisuka
                Eyeshadow ~ Eyebags by Arisuka
                Lipgloss ~ Signature Matte Lipstick by Shyne
               Eyes ~ Oh my eyes as contacts by Escand
                Hair ~ TSM converted hair med. right part by Anubis
Apparel: Everyday top ~ Balmain Jersey sweater by All About Style
               Everyday and Formal pants are Late Night EP
               Everyday and Athletic shoes are basegame
               Formal shoes are Late Night EP
               Formal top ~ Denim shirt by DarkoSIMS
              PJ top ~ V neck t-shirt by AngelD
               Pj pants ~ Medium Junk boxers by KittyKlan
               Athletic top, Swimwear and earrings are basegame
              Athletic pants ~ tracksuit bottoms (last item on page) by Lilisims
Sliders: Ahmads Facial Sliders
             Jonha's 10 body sliders

You can download Dax here (place him in your saved sim folder): Saved Sim File

An now for the mahoosive pic spam.....

Well that's Dax I hope you like him and thanks for stopping bye x

Friday, 22 April 2011

I Just Couldn't Resist....

Ok this has nothing what so ever to do with the sims but OMG whenever I see these adverts I can't stop laughing (I guess I'm immature lol) These Aussie boys are legends, they're from the Fosters adverts and well just watch them, I defy you not to laugh.....


Now go forth and worship the Aussie Duo!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Time Out From Sims

Well I thought I would post this as it's an amazing idea and I totally love the blog anyway...over on Red Lip Gloss they are having a giveaway of beauty stuff that is amazing check the stuff out in this picture

Anyway you can add yourself to the list of people wanting to put their little mitts (myself included) on this wonderful stuff by heading on over and following the blog and adding yourself to the comments. You can get there by clicking on the link on my sidebar or by clicking HERE which will take you to the page with the goodies on go ahead guys what are you waiting for go put yourself in the running for the wonderful products XD