Friday, 25 March 2011

Something New

Well I decided to be brave and edit a sims picture...the picture I used was of a bald sim with no make-up. What I did was draw the hair, added shine and smoothed out her skin, brightened the eyes and added mak-up. Now I know it's not brilliant but it's my first try ever at doing this so I'm still proud even if the end result is kinda lame lol



So whatcha guys think? Give up or keep at it lol.....I think the eye make-up is a little too much but for a first go not entirely bad eh...

NOTE: SIMS BALD PICTURE WAS SUPPLIED BY: Simmersaurus Rex over on TS3 Forums, you can find the picture and their challenge regarding this picture here: Simmersaurus Rex's Challenge


  1. Well done Sis, especially loving the hair. Keep going with it, for a first go I think its fab! xxx

  2. Yeah the hair is not bad but the eye make up is bluergh lol