Friday, 15 April 2011

Andi McCloughlin

Hey folks, well today I bring to you my very favourite sim Andi McCloughlin. I made Andi a little while ago and just totally fell in love with how real she looked. Andi's a bit of a tomboy at heart and loves to hang with the boys but dont be fooled by her tough exterior as she can be as glamorous as any girl in Bridgeport


Genetics: Lipgloss Nectar Light by Lemonleaf
               Contacts Oh My Eyes by Escand
              Skin Default Busty St. Claire by Ladyfrontbum
              Hair Peggy 55 Pooklet'd by Anubis360
              Blush SoftGlo face contouring by KittyKlan
              Eye bag Eye Baggage by KittyKlan
Clothing: Everyday top 010 by Evie
              Everyday bottoms Relaxed Cargos by All About Style
              Everyday shoes, Athletic shoes and Hoop Earrings are basegame
              Athletic bottoms Zumba Flare pants by All About Style
             Athletic top Sweatshirt with straps by All About Style
              Formal Outfit and Formal shoes are Late Night EP
             Formal Bracelet #59 by Lorandiasims
             Swimsuit #137 by Lorandiasims
             Pj's (no6) by Lilisims
             Everyday Bracelet by PeggyZone
Sliders: Delphys Adjustable Female Breast Sliders
            Jonha's 10 Body Sliders
            Ahmads Facial Sliders


You can download Andi here: Sims3Pack or SavedSimFile


  1. Thanks for sharing this adorable simmeh Q !!
    She's a real sweetie !! <3

  2. Thanks Eva hun I'm so glad you like her

  3. Strike a pose lol. This is just gorgeous Lis. She's just gorgeous as always. Love this.
    Hugs Jacqui xxxxx

  4. Thanki Spanki sis lol Awww I'm chuffed you like my simmehs I gots some new ones coming up very soon!