Sunday, 10 April 2011

Desperately Seeking Susan

Ladies and Gents today I bring to you a new sim...Susan aka Madonna from the awsome 80's film Desperately Seeking Susan. I've always loved that film (thanks sis for getting me hooked on 80's films lol) and have been trying to sim this lady for a while now. I am finally happy to say she's finished and I'm quite pleased with how she turned out.

You can get Susan's full CC list and download her right here: The Cupcake Factory


  1. Every time I have a look at her, she amazes me !!
    Excellent my dear !! <3

  2. Aww thanks Eva hun...I'm so glad you like her. I had so much fun making Susan that I'm tempted to make her into a few more iconic Madonna looks

  3. Ooooo Sis, this is absolutely fabulous!!! The 80's rock lol. She looks just like her, another amazing creation! Absolutely love this.
    Hugs Jacqui xxxx

  4. I thought you'd like this lol An if you say she looks like her then it must be good cos you're the 80's queen lol