Sunday, 10 April 2011


Ok so I'm letting you guys know Maryse and Angelique are both now available over on TSR they are however pay items as they contain pay items from other creators (sorry guys) you can get Angelique HERE and Maryse HERE ...I also have new sims over on TCF so go check those out too!

I'm going to be bringing back creator of the month where I'll feature work like sims and CC available from certain creators so if you have anyone in mind then leave me a comment and I'll pop them onto the list...I'll get to everyone so please be patient. I'll also be working on a few new CC items that will be TCF exclusives so watch out for those in the next couple of weeks along with some new sims....hey Eva remember the TUH flood? LOL

Ok now I'm going to have two projects coming up very soon and definitely need help for at least one of them and the other would be lovely to have some help with...I'm not giving too much away yet but if you're artistic, like to write stories, have an imagination, love fashion or photography then drop me a comment and I'll get straight back to you!

On another note I came second in a competition I'm in over on TS3 forums...I'm so happy! Here's the shot I used.....


  1. Lovely pic Q !
    I forgot all to comment on it, seriously thought I did. Anyways, it looks absolutely adorable !! <3

  2. Thanks Eva!!! I'm quite proud of it seeing as it came second in that round hope we does as well in the next one eek!