Friday, 15 April 2011

Swan Lake - Anna Petrov!

I've been meaning to finish this sim for a while now and when the pose pack came out I knew now was the time. Anna Petrov is with the Twinbrook Ballet Company and lives to dance. Ever since she was a child all she would do was twirl and spin and imagine herself as a great ballerina!


Genetics: Contacts Oh My Eyes by Escand
               Skintone WM AMF by Watermelon
               Hair Desperate by Newsea
              Lipgloss Necter Light by Lemonleaf
               Blusher cheeky v1 by LFB
              Eyebrows 001 by Jessica2020
Outfits: Swan Ballet dress and crown by Tehmango
            Ballet shoes by Daluved 1
            Swimsuit Lonely Summer by ManGa_Ka92
            Athletic shoes basegame
            Formal shoes Fast Lane stuff pack
            Formal outfit Lace dress by Meronin
           PJ top (no5) by Lilisims
           Athletic top (no6) by Lilisims
           Sheer tights (no1) by Lilisims
           Pj Bottoms Victoria's Secrets panties by All About Style
           Athletic bottoms (no3) by Lilisims
Slider: Delphys Adjustable Female Breast Sliders
          Ahmads Facial Sliders
          Jonha's 10 Body Sliders

PREVIEW PICTURES (using thanhmabo poses)

You can download Anna here: Sims3Pack or SavedSimFile


  1. How gorgeous !! How absolutely stunning !!
    I'm quite speechless ! She's breathtaking !

  2. Aww I'm so happy you like her and she does have a certain something about her and in game she looks so beautiful just like a ballerina! Thanks for such a lovely comment hun x

  3. Absolutely stunning work Sis!!!!!! Blew me away, your creations are amazing!
    Hugs Jacqui xxxxxxxx

  4. Thanks sis I'm so glad you like Anna she is lovely for a simmeh lol

  5. Great job! Really awesome. I love it

  6. Thanks I'm so glad you like Anna x