Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Connor Anderson

Hey guys, well today I bring to you another sim, a guy this time named Connor. I decided to have a go at creating something a little different as usually my boy sims are all dark haired with tattoos and tanned skin, so today I finished off a guy who's fair skinned and fair haired and a little more clean cut than usual....anyway here's Connor's CC list:

Genetics: Skintone ~ M Calero's Strawberry Non Default
                Hair ~ TSM HairSlick converted by My Blue Book (TTS)
                Contacts ~ Escand's Oh My Eyes
               Blush ~ Arisuka's Face Contouring and Defining blush
               Eyeshadow ~ Arisuka's eyebags 
                Lipstick ~ Shyne's signature matte
Apparel: Everyday top ~ Outdoor Living Stuff Pack
                Everyday Pants ~ Aikea Guinea's Distressed Male Jeans
              Everyday Shoes ~ LJ Gaming's Converse One Star
              Formal Top ~ DarkoSims As Seen On David Beckham Vest
              Formal Pants and Shoes are Late Night EP
              Sleepwear Top is basegame
              SleepWear Bottoms ~ KittyKlan's Junk boxer briefs
              Athletic Top ~ All About Style's Balmain Jersey Sweater
              Athletic Bottoms ~ Lilisims Male Tracksuit Bottoms
              Athletic Shoes ~ See Everyday shoes above ^
              Swimwear ~ Basegame
              Bracelet ~ PeggyZone's free Male & Female wristband
              Necklace ~ My Blue Book's Male set 003
Sliders: Ahmad's Facial Sliders
             Jonha's 10 Body Sliders


You can download Connor here: Sims3Pack or SavedSimsFile


  1. Hey Sis, well another fab creation from you. You're right, he is different from your usual sim boys but hes still gorgeous as all your sims are. Fab work Sis!
    Hugs Jacq xxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Jacq I thought it was time for a change and looking at Connor I am so glad I did lol